Instant Cash & Check Debit Card


To apply for our instant Cash & Check debit card stop in at our main or branch office.   To speed up the application process please print and complete the Authroizatin to run credit and the consumer card application and return to First National Bank of Moose Lake.  


If you think joining a small community bank means having less access to ATMs, think again. First National has announced a partnership with Starsf/Allpoint Network that provides access to over 56,000 surcharge-free ATM’s.  The  locations include the UK and select Sam’s Club and Walmart stores. 


Just look for the Starsf or Allpoint logo’s or try one of three the free ATM locators below.












Important information about withdrawing funds from Starsf/Allpoint ATMs:  There are no fees for First National Bank of Moose Lake customers when using Starsf/Allpoint ATMs. Due to the technical limitations of certain types of Allpoint ATMs, a “Fee Notice” screen may appear indicating a surcharge. Despite the appearance of a “Fee Notice”, you will not be charged – simply continue the transaction by answering “Yes” to this message.  Your receipt will verify that you were not assessed a fee.



Leave your checkbook Safely at Home


Instead of using your checkbook to make purchases, you can use this handy Check Card. It’s safer and more convenient than bringing your checkbook everywhere you go.

It’s Not a Credit Card

The purchase amount comes from your checking balance. Any purchase you make will show on your checking statement.

It Saves Money

If you write lots of checks, using a Check Card will reduce your need for paper checks, and will save you money on check orders.

It Saves Time

Instead of taking time to write checks with people stacking up behind you in line at the checkout, you can simply hand the cashier this card. The Check Card is usable at any merchant that accepts VISA® (even gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and more).

Get Cash, Too

The Check Card doubles as your Instant Cash card. You can use it at VISA/PLUS ATMs all over the world to get cash, and at some ATMs to make deposits. For your convenience, you can select your own four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) for exclusive access to your account.



Sometimes only Cash Will Do


Our automated teller machine (ATM) in MarketPlace Foods on Arrowhead Lane allows you to get cash from your checking or savings account. You can also get cash INSTANTLY at over 120,000 ATMs worldwide that display the CIRRUS symbol.

Transfer Funds From One Account To Another

You can move your money between your checking and savings account as you need to. No paperwork. No lines. Just a few buttons and it happens automatically.

Make Deposits To Your Checking Or Savings Accounts At Many Locations

Our ATM does not accept deposits – it’s only about six blocks from our night depository at the Bank. Many out-of-town locations will accept deposits to your accounts at our Bank.