Business Debit Card

 A Better Way to Manage Business Finances.

Now you can buy whatever you need for your business without using cash or that bulky business checkbook.  Simply present our Business Instant Cash & Check card sign the receipt and the purchase amount is deducted from your business checking account.  Plus, when you use your Business Instant Cash & Check card you are using cash, not credit and you will receive a detailed listing of each transaction on your monthly business checking statement. 


Order Cards For Your Authorized Employees To Use

You can also enjoy the advantages of additional cards for employees you authorize.  Your employees may use the card for any business purchases such as supplies or travel expenses.  Purchasing becomes more secure and efficient without the difficulty of carrying a large petty cash fund or bulky company checkbook.  All purchases made with additional cards will appear on your monthly business checking account statement.


To apply for the Business Debit card please print and review the Visa Liability Waiver.  Next, print and complete the Business Debit Cardholder Agreement and Business Debit Card Application and return to First National Bank of Moose Lake.


Visa Liability Waiver 
Business Debit Cardholder Agreement    
Business debit Card Application   

An Additional Benefit That Will Give Your Company Peace Of Mind Using The Business Instant Cash & Check Card

Your business is automatically enrolled in this program and protected from most loses incurred through card misuse by a terminated employee.  This includes personal or unauthorized purchases made by an authorized user of the VISA Business Instant Cash & Check card.  There are no deductible or extra charges associated with this program.  Coverage includes up to $5,000 per cardholder for companies with four or fewer valid cardholder and $50,000 per cardholder with companies with more than four valid cardholders.  Coverage excludes charges made by owners, or persons who are not employees of the company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

*Certain program limitations and exclusions may apply.