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New Mobile Feature: Mobile Deposit

No more rushing to the bank after work to deposit your checks. With mobile deposit, checks can be deposited by using a mobile phone. Simply choose the account you would like to deposit the check in, enter the amount, and take a clear picture of both the front and back of the check.

Make sure you endorse the back of the check by writing “For mobile deposit only” and signing your name. There is a daily limit of $2500.00. Please call us at 218-485-4441 with any questions!

Mobile deposit - save a trip to the bank! Deposit a check from wherever you are.


2 New Ways to Transfer Money

We have two new ways to transfer money with our updated online banking: A2A and P2P. To help understand the difference between them, look at the chart below!

To find A2A, click on “Account to Account” in your online banking. For P2P, click “Make a Payment.” Once you get to the bill pay screen, click on “Pay a Person” in the top left hand corner. For more information, feel free to call us at 218-485-4441.

Describing the difference between P2P and A2A transfers

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