Debit Card Safety Tips

Your debit card is an incredible tool when it comes to your checking account. Sometimes you may end up in a situation where you are trying to make a transaction that has a larger dollar amount than your daily point of sale limit will allow. When trying to make this type of transaction, a simple call to the bank can get you out of this situation. Operations has the ability to temporarily raise your daily point-of-sale (POS) limit so you can complete your transaction. For customers who frequently attempt transactions that are higher than their daily POS limit, we encourage them to come into the bank and complete a debit card amendment form to permanently increase their daily POS limit from the default at the time of opening the card.

While we encourage our customers to complete the amendment form, we also want to make sure you are aware of the possibility of more risk with having a higher daily POS limit on their card. If your card were to become lost or stolen, there is the potential for a larger amount of funds to be spent using that card if you do not know that your card is missing. To help ease your concerns, First National Bank of Moose Lake offers a third party application called MobiMoney™. MobiMoney™ allows customers to control how your debit card is used. Customers can place restrictions on the card(s) like limiting what types of merchants it will work at, limit where the cards will work (radial distance from a set point, or radial distance from your phones GPS location), dollar amount per transaction (cannot exceed the limit that is set at the bank), and even turn your card ON and OFF. For additional information on the MobiMoney™ application, contact our Retail or Operations staff.