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Comprehensive Financial Services and the Hardware Guyhammer and nails

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”


A gentleman came in the other day to my office which is located in a bank. He didn’t like the CD rates and wanted to know what I had that was better. “Show me what you got!” he said. I chuckled and asked if I could tell him a little story.


In terms of home improvement and repair, I am a jack of some trades, master of none. It is not what I do every day. When I run into a problem at home, I generally brainstorm a solution. But I have learned to go to my Hardware guy and see what he thinks. Most of the time he gets a good chuckle because I know enough to be dangerous. He will often come up with a solution that is simpler and cheaper, more appropriate, and more prone to helping me achieve my goals. What I really appreciate, is when he tells me to just hire a professional and he often has a good one to recommend.


So I said that I have some questions to ask, to get the big picture here. To take the home repair analogy further, I don’t know if you need a hammer, or which kind, if at all. We might find out that you intend to nail 5000 nails a day. In that case, you won’t have a wrist left after the first day. What you might need is a nail gun. But while you are focused on your house siding, the big picture is that your more pressing need is a new roof. Maybe what you need is a contractor to do one of those jobs. In fact, after reviewing your whole house, we actually come up with a list of projects and prioritize them by needs and wants. Some of those jobs must be done by professionals because you don’t have the time, the skills or the tools, and some can be done by you, and perhaps on your own timeframe. In the end, we realize, although you came in wanting to be sold a hammer, what you really needed was a general contractor.


My role as a financial advisor providing my highest level of service (Comprehensive Financial Services)is to be a financial “general contractor”.  I work side by side to know you, your goals, your wishes and your financial situation. Then my team and I help you to get your financial house in order and keep it that way.


So, after reviewing the client’s big picture, we may find that we have some other contractors to bring in, as well as the tools (investment products) that are appropriate to do the job in the most effective manner.

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