Online Purchasing with Dawn

Dawn Operation Support Assistant
Operation Support Assistant

Hey everyone! My name is Dawn and I’ve been with First National Bank of Moose Lake for just over 5 years. I work in the Operations Department and my primary job focus is processing wires and assisting customers with debit cards. I also handle the balancing and reconciliation of our correspondent bank accounts. I enjoy the problem solving and proofreading aspects of my job responsibilities. Paying close attention to detail is very imperative. In my free time I like being at the lake, gardening, playing cards, and spending time with my husband and kids.

One tip I have when using your debit card to purchase products that offer a “free” trial, is to be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions. Many times companies will state they will only charge the shipping amount for the trial product, however, in a couple weeks they will charge a much larger amount (usually between $50-$100) and continue to send you the product. Often the company will refuse to refund the customer and the transaction cannot be disputed due to the customer acknowledging they read and understood the terms and conditions of the so-called free trial. Overall, if a purchase sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you do decide to make the purchase, it is essential to check your bank statement to ensure only the transactions you authorized are debited from your account.