ID Theftsmart

Ask us about ID Theftsmart! ID Theftsmart is an identity theft protection and credit monitoring service we offer at First National Bank of Moose Lake at $8.00 per month. Here is how it works,

  • Protection: Consultation on the best practices for managing your personal identity and provides safety guidelines for communicating and interacting online.
  • Detection: ID Theftsmart will monitor your credit against all three credit bureaus for any activity. Once an activity has been identified, you will receive an email stating what activity occurred (new account opening, change of address, credit inquiry, etc.). If this was not an authorized action, ID Theftsmart will help with fraud alerts and credit freeze consultation.
  • Restoration: Work on behalf of ID Theftsmart customer until all identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved and much more.

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Kim Personal Banker
Kim Personal Banker