Fee Schedule



The following is a list of fees that may apply to all or several accounts:


Account activity printout (instant statement)




Account balancing, reconciliation & research (per hour/min. $5.00).




Document retrieval copy charge (per page).  Plus research time.




Debit card replacement




Checks…….fees depend on style of check you purchase


Counter Checks (Note: first five are free)




Certified check




Cashier/Disbursement check




Images sent with statements






A fee may be imposed for each withdrawal attempt when your account does not have sufficient funds to cover that item. This applies, except as prohibited by law, whether the withdrawal attempt is in person, by check, or by ATM or other electronic means as follows: 


If we overdraft your account by chosing to pay your check/item at our discretion and when overdraft balance at end of business day is:


$30.00 or less: overdraft fee of $15.00 (per item)                                    More than $30.00: overdraft fee of $30.00 (per item)


If you check/item is returned for insufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft balance at the end of business day is:


$30.00 or less:  returned check/NSF fee os $15.00 (per item)                    More then $30.00: returned check /NSF fee of $30.00 (per item)







Indemnity Bonds ( Lost Certificate of Deposit)




Dormant Account (per month when balance is $100 or less)




Personal Money Order (PMO)




Returned deposit item




Stop payment (per check) – 6 months (These fees double for lost checkbook.)




Incoming Wire Transfers non-customers only**




Outgoing Wire Transfers**




Foreign Wire Transfers (outgoing)**




**Plus correspondent Bank charges, if any


Transactions Limitations:

Instant Cash and Check Card withdrawals and deposits at ATM machines:

You can make deposits to checking and savings accounts at many Cirrus Network ATMs. You can make cash withdrawals from checking and savings accounts at our ATM and from other ATMs affiliated with the Instant Cash or Cirrus networks. Your daily withdrawal limit is listed on you Instant Cash and Check Card application form.


Instant Cash & Check Card:

In addition to the Instant Cash and Check checking account ATM services above, this card can be used in place of a check to purchase products or services from any merchant displaying the VISA logo. Your daily point-of-sale limit is listed on your Instant Cash and Check Card application form.