Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Fee Description Fee Amount
Account activity printout (instant statement) $2.00
Account balancing, reconciliation & research (per hour/min. $5.00) $20.00
Document retrieval copy charge (per page). Plus research time. $2.00
Debit card replacement $7.50
Checks based on check style
Counter Checks (first five are free) $0.25
Cashier/Disbursement check $3.00
Images sent with statements $3.00
Overdraft Fee- If we overdraft your account by choosing to pay your check/item at our discretion and when overdraft balance at end of business day is: ***
    $30.00 or less $15.00 per item
    More than $30.00 $30.00 per item
Overdraft Fees-If your check/item is returned for insufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft balance at the end of business day is: ***
    $30.00 or less $15.00 per item
    More than $30.00 $30.00 per item
Indemnity Bonds ( Lost Certificate of Deposit) $10.00
Dormant Account (per month when balance is $100 or less) $10.00
Personal Money Order (PMO) $2.00
Returned deposit item $4.00
Stop payment (per request). These fees double for lost checkbook. $20.00
Wire Transfers, Incoming for non-customers only** $15.00
Wire Transfers, Outgoing ** $15.00
Wire Transfers, Outgoing International  ** $15.00

**Plus correspondent bank charges, if any

*** Items re-presented for payments are subject to a NSF fee per each return, which may result in your account being charged multiple fees.