President’s Message

Things are feeling quite a bit more normal with the recent Fourth of July celebration and festivities that even included the annual parade. I was beginning to wonder when we would be able to say that, and it sure felt good. While things are starting to return to normal, we continue to follow the COVID recommended guidelines and have left the Plexiglas up at our teller stations for continued protection. We realize that some people still want or need to wear masks and we encourage you to request our staff to do the same when they are interacting with you. Hopefully the end is in sight.

I would like you to be aware that we now have online loan applications and more online enhancements on the horizon. We continue to keep up with technology as we work through a core system upgrade this summer and early fall. While doing that we will continue to keep our small town touch, including answering the telephone. Along those lines, it sure is good to be able to have a friendly handshake again.

I would like to commend our staff for the volunteer hours they put into our communities. Please check our website for more information on the organizations and activities they support. They are passionate about doing this because this is where they live and many of us grew up. I am very proud of our staff and what they have done for the communities we serve.

Larry Peterson - CEO
Larry D. Peterson, President