President’s Message

Happy Spring to all of you! Along with things like robins and green grass in our yards, we also hope that this brings quite a bit more normalcy to our lives compared to last year at this time. As more of us get vaccinated we should be able to celebrate the holidays, attend those graduations and weddings, etc.

While many of us do not write checks for our smaller, day to day type of things, many of us still do write some checks. For me this is more of the one-off type of things and payments to private parties to purchase something. Often times those private parties will call us to verify funds for the check. Our standard answer is “There are sufficient funds for that check as this time”. Without having arrangements made, we are not in the position to guarantee funds over the phone as we have no control over what other withdrawals might be made before the check in question arrives, and we are required by law to pay the items in the order presented. If you are writing a check to someone that may want to verify funds, please contact us in advance so we can have a verification process in place. 

As I end this message for another newsletter, I want to welcome Dan Korbel to our staff and community. Dan is a great addition to both. Please stop in to say hello to him when you have an opportunity.

Larry Peterson - CEO
Larry D. Peterson, President