President’s Message

Hello all and welcome to spring! It sure is nice enjoying the longer daylight hours and the warmer weather should be here soon! With spring also comes graduations and our local seniors making future career plans. These plans may include further education for jobs in the trades or other careers. In any case, if you’re considering a private student loan, please check out our website for College Ave whom we partner with for student loans. Remember student loans are not free money and need to be repaid. As I’ve told my children, look at a student loan as money invested in yourself, so put it to good use!

April is Community Banking month, and we pride ourselves on being a “Community Bank”! Our roots run deep in the communities we serve by sponsoring and taking part in events from reading Dr. Suess to elementary students, highway cleanup on two stretches-Hwy 61 & 73, shred events, financial literacy, serving in community organizations to giving back in monitory donations and more.  We also invest in our communities by making loans for everything from home construction, purchase and equity loans to all sorts of business loans.  If you have any loan question, please give us a call. After all, your best interest is in ours too!

A word of caution with the unrest in today’s world, there are warnings of increased cyber-fraud activity. Please think twice before clicking on a link or making or taking a phone call from somebody you don’t expect or recognize. FYI, we will never call you and ask for confidential information.   So, if somebody calls you and says they’re from the Bank and want you to verify the first 4 numbers of your Social Security number or something else confidential, don’t do it! Please hang up and call us and tell us about it.

With my closing words, I pray for all, peace and a blessed Easter with family & friends.


Jerome Bennett - President
Jerome Bennett – President