Identity Theft

Identity Theft occurs when someone illegally obtains your personal information, such as Social Security Number, credit card number, bank account number, or other identification and uses it to open accounts or initiate transactions in your name

Some ways thieves may obtain your personal information:

  • Steal your wallet or purse
  • Steal your mail
  • Complete a change of address form to divert your mail to another location
  • Rummage through your trash or public trash cans (dumpster diving).
  • Collect your information through e-mail or phone by pretending to be from a legitimate company, family member or friend.
  • Watching social media.  When you overshare on your social media accounts, criminal may be able to get your home address, full name, phone number and date of birth.
  • Discard computer without destroying hard drive.

We have partnered with ID THEFTSMART to provide continuous credit monitoring and restoration.


What to Do if You Are a Victim of Identity Theft

  1. Contact one of the 3 major Credit Reporting Bureaus.

    Report Fraud: Call 888-766-0008
    Order Credit Report: 800-685-1111

    Report Fraud: Call 888-397-3742
    Order Credit Report: 888-397-3742

    Trans Union
    Report Fraud: Call 800-680-7289
    Order Credit Report: 800-888-4213
  2. Contact a First National Bank representative and any other Financial Institutions that may have been jeopardized and close any accounts or debit/credit cards.
  3. Go to and report it.  This site will help you create your identity theft report and a personal recovery plan based on your situation.
  4. Contact your local law enforcement agencies and report the crime.  You might also need to report it to the police department where the crime occurred. Give them as much documented evidence as possible. Make sure the police report lists the compromised fraudulent accounts. Get a copy of the report.
  5. Manage accounts by monitoring statements online and obtain a free credit report from
    Call 800-888-4213 or by mail to:
    Annual Credit Report Request Service
    PO Box 105281
    Atlanta, GA 30348-5281