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A Moment in Time

Since the famous Hall of Bulls paintings in the caves of Lascaux, France, people have enjoyed peering into the past lives of our communities. Letters, journals, and unpublished manuscripts help us to better understand our Country and our life stories.

Daryl Tomczak showing loan officer John Wesely his father's old savings book

Daryl Tomczak brought in such a piece of his father Theodore Tomczak’s story into First National Bank of Moose Lake, a beautifully preserved Bank passbook. Daryl mentioned his sister Mary was the family historian and asked her to come by with a few pictures. Mary reached out and agreed to bring some photos to the Bank.

Mary walked into the Bank with a smile on her face and a bag held snugly in her arms, wrapping her father’s story safely against her. The bag contained photos in shades of grey, including one of Ted smiling in his new service uniform, documents with scalloped edges, his Bank passbook, and the vintage smell of the beloved items. Mary beamed, relaying details on the pictures.

We are sharing this story in memory of Ted, as Ted was born March 15th. Happy Heavenly Birthday Ted!

First National Bank of Moose Lake Savings Book.

Theodore Joseph Tomczak, known by his many friends as Ted, was 10 years old when he opened his First National Bank of Moose Lake account. His daughter Mary said Ted was a proud First National Bank of Moose Lake customer until his passing at the age of 86. Employees of our Bank team counted him as a solid lifelong friend.

Being in business for over 100 years creates many opportunities for stories and fond memories in our community. We are excited to create and share more memories over the next 100 years.

Ted’s Bank passbook, along with other treasured pieces of First National Bank of Moose Lake’s History can be viewed in our display case at 400 Elm Avenue Moose Lake, MN.

~Photos of Theodore “Ted” Tomczak courtesy of the Tomczak Family~

Photos courtesy of two of Ted’s Children, Mary and Daryl.

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Solicitation Calls

No Soliciting Sign

Did you inquire or apply for a loan and now receiving multiple unwanted calls?

Unfortunately, often times individuals’ public information can be sent to brokers, agencies, institutions, etc. without your knowledge or your consent. We’ve investigated this and, yes, its legal. Here are options on how you can stop those calls:

  1. Register at This will opt a consumer out of unwanted solicitations for five years and it costs nothing. It can take one to two weeks for it to take effect.
  2. Sign up at Do Not Call Registry at This is also free and should take effect within 24 hours however you may have already ended up on a list prior to registering so you could receive calls for up to 31 days. A consumer can still receive calls for political reasons, from charitable organizations, survey calls, collection calls and some that labeled “information calls”.
  3.  Sign up at This will stop loan and other offers from coming to your physical mailbox. There is a $2 fee for this.

Please note, our Bank does not sell or give out your information to any third parties. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.