Bill Pay

Balancing Security and Convenience

Many people are giving their account information or debit card numbers to multiple lenders, cell phone companies and utilities. When a person does this, they are giving someone else permission to take money out of their account and trusting them to stop taking those funds when requested. Someone else has control of YOUR money.   The more companies that have your account information, the greater your chances are for becoming a fraud victim.

Bill Pay is an excellent tool for keeping your account information private and secure.  With Bill Pay, you instruct one company to withdraw the payment amount from your account. Bill Pay then makes your payment to the company you designated out of their account, not yours. You control the amount and when payments will be made. For convenience, you can also set up reoccurring monthly payments.

You are in control of your hard earned money!

  • Free with online banking and approved application
  • Greater account security
  • Convenience of reoccurring payments
  • No need to address and envelope or pay for stamps

To apply, login to your online banking, hover over the Bill Pay tab then click on Account Setup. You must review and accept the disclosures before submitting your application.

Any further questions, please contact our Personal Banker at (218) 485-4441.