Romance Scams

Love may be blind, but with career cyber criminals at an all-time high, our team at First National Bank of Moose Lake wants to leave you with 7 tips to keep your heart’s vision 20/20.

Romance scams don’t stay on dating sites anymore. They are the “Hello Beautiful” in you DMs, the requests to “connect” on your business networking sites or a “follow” while you’re showing off your mad dance skills in a short video. They usually seem innocent, quite interested in all you do, and talking with you every time you appear online, night or day. This can quickly change to:

  1. Asking for money and to switch to another way to talk with them off the site you met them on.
  2. Claiming they need money for emergencies, medical bills, travel and more.
  3. There is always a sense of urgency.
  4. Swearing they are madly in love with you but…
  5. Not able to video chat or meet face to face “right this minute”, or always having a reason to cancel plans to meet up.
  6. They usually say they are from the U.S. but have jobs overseas, such as an engineer on an oil rig, a wealthy retired person who recently lost their spouse, or in a branch of the Military.
  7. Asking for gift cards, or your personal information.

If you feel like something isn’t right, or have any questions regarding potential scams, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 218-485-4441.

Meeting people in the digital age is difficult, and our team is here to make sure keeping your funds safe isn’t.